The day in our calendar that marks the first day of summer is about to come soon to warm us all up. We’re officially at the end of summer and you all should know that you should change your skincare routine each season, right? In summer adequate skin precautions need to be taken to avoid the adverse effect of intense heat on it.

It is the beginning of hot weather, humidity, sweat and greasy skin. The strong ultraviolet rays also affect your skin making it dry. Your skin has more tendency to become clogged and develop blemishes in hot months. Oily glands tend to produce sebum to compensate only for superficial dryness. So skin needs more hydration both from inside and outside.

Your skin deserves to be beautiful in all seasons. However, it needs maintenance and care just like your garden. Regular skin care regimen can do miracles for your looks and self-confidence. So don’t feel shy and take time out from your busy schedule to pamper your skin and soak up sunny days with healthy skin care routine.


Your skin care regimen should start from the time you wake up in the morning. The first step is to wash your face with cold water and then cleanse it with a cleanser that has sebum and water balance. A good foaming cleanser is a must to remove sweat, excessive oil and dirt that accumulated overnight. It may help keep blackheads, open pores and blemishes at bay.

To stay on the right side of the smooth and polished skin, exfoliate it once or maximum twice a week in the summer season. Frequent exfoliation can remove some of the skin’s protective layers and natural oils along with the dead skin cells making it more vulnerable to sun damage. It can also cause chronic skin irritation and inflammation.

Skin moisturizing is usually a conversation reserved for cold months. However, it is an essential topic of discussion in warmer or hot weather as well when seeking to achieve clear, glowing skin. In summer, moisture releases from the skin at a high rate in order to cool the body internally. Additionally, there is a tendency to wash off face more often to remove sweat and oil build-up. If the moisturizer is not being used, the skin may appear dull over time, become susceptible to impaired barrier function or get stuck in a cycle of oil overproduction leading to breakouts. Hydrate the skin with a lightweight moisturizing lotion, oil or gel. Finish with a heavier weight cream to help replete a dry skin barrier. It will also replace any lost oils from the exfoliation process. People who have a combination or oily skin and using stronger anti-acne or anti-oil products with salicylic acid must apply a moisturizer twice a day in order to bring balance back to your skin. Ideally, a moisturizer should contain both humectants to draw moisture into the skin and occlusive ingredients that seal the necessary moisture within the skin.

A UV protecting product is must protect your skin from the sun breaking out and darkening. Check the amount of SPF and PA and make sure you are using the right product with UVA and UVB protection.

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Put on a chilled home-made herbal face pack at every other day. Make it adding Aloe Vera gel and put it in the fridge for an hour before applying. It will calm your skin perfectly. Aloe Vera is a summer skincare secret ingredient to cool down your skin in hot weather.

Keep your makeup light in summer. Remove makeup with a cleansing oil before going to bed. It will also remove debris and excess oils and improve skin turnover as desired. You may apply antioxidant-rich serum or lightening agent to combat sun spots and pigmentation.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of lack of moisture in your skin. The most important tasks of water in relation to skin hydration occur internally. Skin requires adequate water intake to maintain moisture and elasticity and also to flush out harmful elements and regenerate dead skin cells.

The summer can damage your skin. Promote healthy skin in this weather with consistent care.