Beautiful skin is an age-old, all-time desire. But winter has arrived. Foggy morning is back. You can feel your skin drying up. Time to do something about it. But before you rush to the store to buy yourself a good cold cream, take a flashback and check your daily diet. Have you been eating the right fruits for your skin? Few fruits are a must have for beautiful skin.

Make sure you have fruits that are loaded with Vitamin C and potassium the whole of winter months. Potassium boost water content in the body and keeps the body and skin well hydrated even during the dry season while Vitamin C in food helps to regenerate damage tissues. So regular consumption of sweet and succulent fruits that are high in dietary fibre, Vitamin C and potassium can keep your fight against common sickness of the cold season and your skin rejuvenated and beautiful.

Five winter fruits that are easily found and high in Vitamin C and potassium are Banana, Asian pear, Apple, Orange and grapefruit. Owing to the good amount of water content, they are mostly sweet and juicy when ripen. In fact, grapefruit is said to contain more water than any other fruits. Hence, regular intake of it helps to keep your body and skin well hydrated.

Regular intake of these winter fruits also helps to boost the digestive system. A healthy digestive system keeps you protected from many common ailments that may have damaging affect on your skin. Shop for them and fill your regular meals with these fruits. Have them raw or drink their juice every day and see the beautiful resultant effect on your skin. Let your skin look younger and beautiful this winter and always.