Yes! Daddy’s little girl is in a soup…  a beauty soup!

Red lipstick smudged all over her lips and cheeks, she gave that irresistibly adorable smile. She was all in a mess. She had been trying her small hands on those cosmetics of yours on the dressing table. Her pretty soft curls in a ruffle, the little one messed it all up–those expensive lipsticks and blushers of yours. But she looked funny and you couldn’t help laughing halfway as you open your mouth in shock or to yell at her.

If you didn’t yell, you both ended up sharing a hearty laugh and a good roll on the floor. She tried a little funny smudge on you nose too! Yes, all that funny mess can give you a hearty laugh which is good for the heart, mind and soul.

The funny mess is good for the soul

And when your little girl begins to grow and loves to do what she does with her face and hair and all that funky things, never feel bad about it. It’s good for her soul, so believes fashion designer Nicole Richie.

Beauty and make-up is a part of a girl that seeps into her veins and colours up her life.

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According to reports, nine-year-old Harlow, daughter of Nicole, is already growing up to be beauty conscious and  loves to change the colour of her hair.

“She loves to experiment with hair, and I let her do that. She’s finding joy in that and I feel like she’s kind of figuring out for herself what she likes and experimenting with different colours. Whether it’s make-up or not, experimenting with colour is really important for the soul. So I just let her go at it,” the 35-year-old was quoted as saying by

We live in a society where there are dos and don’ts for everything. So goes for beauty too. While some parents say a big ‘No’ to their young daughters experimenting with styles and make-up, others are easy on it. In fact, they become a big part of the beauty indulgence.

Beauty or fashion experiments can help build the creative side of a growing-up child. While it is important to keep a reign on young ones to a certain extent, it is equally important to give them the liberty to do what gives them pleasure and happiness. Help them channelise their passion to find themselves. Finding themselves through what gives them happiness will help them grow naturally beautiful.

Things can get real funny or messy, but the choice is yours–to yell or to laugh…