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Basic hair care to prevent split ends

Following preventive measures to prevent split ends is essential otherwise you would be left with no choice but to trim your hair once you experience the problem

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Split ends is a common hair problem. Your hair can split due to dryness or ill-treatment. The end is the oldest and most exposed part of your hair. Overtime, daily wear and tear on your hair will degrade the hair cuticle, exposing the inner cortex. The result is split end of your hair. Hair care is thus very important.

Your ends can split in a variety of ways. You may notice ends split into two or multiple pieces like a broom. Also sometimes, hair become thin at the end as the cuticle disappears but the cortex remains instant. You may also notice hair that split all the way up the shaft. You have to trim your hair every month otherwise you will experience any of these split end problems. Heat, friction, styling, brushing, detangling, handling and touching your hair, weather conditions such as wind, sun, dry climate, humid climate and internal health factors all are responsible for breaking down the cuticle little by little.

The only way to permanently get rid of split ends is to trim them off. Split ends are dead hair and once this damage happens, it cannot be repaired itself. So follow a few tips to prevent split ends:

Always use natural hair products free from toxic chemicals.

Be gentle while shampooing, conditioning, detangling, brushing and styling your hair.

Avoid rubbing your hair with towel after washing them. It causes friction and thus split ends. Let your hair dry in air or use micro-fiber towel.

Deeply condition your scalp and hair every week with some natural conditioner.

Avoid hair styling that requires heating instruments and chemicals.

Use satin pillow while sleeping at night.

Use only silk scarves to cover your head. Do not use scarves and hats made of rough material to avoid snagging on your ends.

Warm coconut oil massage is a good option to prevent split ends.

Split ends are the part of normal life cycle of hair. If you see a couple of split ends, it means more are on the way. Split ends are a sign that your hair is damaged and need a fool proof cure. And the only cure is to cut them off. However you can prevent split ends if you take proper care of your hair. Prevention is always better than cure. The choice is yours!