You love all of it, but you can’t have them all because you are told to avoid oily food and reduce fat intake. Well, oil-free cooking is here to the rescue of all foodies, who are health consious. Check out air fryers and try air frying. The food cooked in air fryer is more nutritious and delicious than deep fried ones. It keeps the outer layer of the food crisp and the inside soft.

Air fryer is cooking food without oil by circulating heated air to high degrees up to 200 C. The food cooked using this rapid air technology is nicely cooked, crisp and contain up to 70-80 per cent less fat compared to traditionally deep fried food.

All types of food can be air fried. Air fryer can fry, roast, grill and bake. One can cook just about anything and make it tastier by air frying. But there are few important things to keep in mind while using air fryer.

Use air fryer in a safe way:

Apply little oil on the outer layer of the food you want to cook to maintain less calories. You can use any type of oil.

Fill the air fryer basket up to the mark ’max’.

You can slide out the basket while the food is getting cooked if you want to add some more ingredients, toss the food being cooked or even if you just want to check the status of cooking.

Slide in the basket quickly to avoid heat loss and cooking time.

You can shake the food half way during the cooking process to ensure more even cooking.

Aluminium foil can be safely used while cooking in the air fryer. Fix the timer in the air fryer and save time by doing some other chore simultaneously while cooking. Avoid cooking batter coated food in it.  

With this highly versatile cooking appliance, you can make your life easy in the kitchen and save your precious time and health.