Designer Aditya Khandelwl, a Delhi based fashion designer with his own fashion label Adi, dressed Ms Sonia, a transgender acid attack survivor at the 3rd anniversary of a popular nightclub in Mumbai on April 20.

Sonia walked down the ramp in a glittery blue dress designed by Khandelwl proving that beauty lies in confidence and acceptance.

The anniversary was a star studded affair with some of the most popular fashion designers witnessing the never-before seen fashion show, which was a tribute to all the acid attack survivors for their courage of taking on new challenges in life.

Talking about his project Adi, which started way back in 2011, Khandelwl said clothes are not just design but an unmatched style of the person that wears his creations.

He also believes Sonia’s stepping in his creation is a proud moment for him as she is an inspiration to many and fits perfectly with his project, Adi.

Sonia, who is an owner of a beauty parlour in Hyderabad, is a transgender acid attack survivor, who was also a victim of gang rape. However, despite the terrible circumstances she faced in her life she has been an inspiration to many including the man himself, Mr Khandelwl.