The temperature is soaring with excessive humidity this time of the year. The weather is a real challenge to keep your makeup look fresh without having it smudge, feeling it heavy or blocking the pores. Due to the heat, it often slides off the face leaving patchy marks which look messy and bizarre. A few tips can help you feel fresher even after long hours of wearing cosmetics in summer season.

Use minimum application on the skin. It allows your skin to really show through. Limit moisturiser. Just wear sunscreen. Even if you can’t do without it, use a lighter moisturiser. Start your makeup by making the base with a pressed powder or foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone. You may also add a dab of foundation on your body lotion to use as body makeup. Rely a bit more on concealer around the corners of the nose.

Define your face with little colour. Use a cream or gel-based blush under a powder blush on cheeks to make it last longer. Blend a touch of liquid highlighter on the cheek bones, brow bones and down the bridge of the nose, avoiding the tip.

Emphasise more on eye makeup. It’s time to lighten up for a summery take on smoky eyes. Curl your eye lashes and apply waterproof mascara and liner on the top and bottom lash line to prevent smudging. They will stay in place throughout the day and night till you remove them. Use power shadows. They come in flattering shades and are long lasting in hot and humid climate. You may also brighten up your eyes by smudging deep copper eye shadow all over your lids or use shimmery golden pink for a softer look. Don’t apply moisturiser, foundation or concealer on your eye lids. Instead use a primer and then wear budge-proof eye shadow.

Get a deep colour look with a dark lipstick. Pat the pigment into your lips with your fingers, then apply a little lip balm on top.

Always keep blotting papers with you to soak up oil and powder for touch ups. The trick of preventing sweat from ruining the makeup is to blot it with oil absorbing papers rather than rubbing. Try to stay in cool environment.

While removing water proof makeup, you need something greasy to wipe it off completely.

Tanning is quite common in this weather. To remove the tan, apply lemon juice mixed with your natural body scrub while taking shower.

Besides beautifying one’s face, makeup can be a lot of fun too. Now, summer makeup challenges may not catch the extravagance of the makeup freaks. Nothing can budge your charismatic looks when you use these easy tips. Look glamorous and stay gorgeous. Happy summer!