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Spring Equinox 2017: Cheers to a new beginning!

SNS | New Delhi |

While the Indian celebration of Equinox – Holi, the festival of colours that signifies the victory of good over evil, may be over, Spring Equinox 2017 is celebrated the world over beginning March 22 to 28.

The celebration of spring Equinox marks the beginning of spring and heralds the joy of the season. Google has its doodle with flowers and a bunny rabbit to mark the celebration. And, there are celebrations galore across the world, welcoming the season. 

Well, equinox falls twice in a year, in March and September. On these days, the sun crosses the earth's equator. It not only marks the beginning of spring, but also autumn. This year, Equinox falls on March 22 and September 23  Both day and night have equal lenght of time of 12 hours each during this time. In fact, the word Equinox has its origin in Latin words, meaning equal and night.

It's, indeed, a special time. While people the world over celebrate in different ways, it calls for a great welcoming of a new beginning, coinciding with Easter celebration of the Christian faith. Easter celebration crushes the sting of death and signifies new spiritual life in Jesus Christ.

So, away with the old, bury the bitter past, the ugly and the bad. Usher in the new. Start afresh. Begin a new day, a new life with happy, positive and beautiful thoughts. Fill the road ahead with new things and great celebrations. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to come. Today is yours, completely new. Soak up the joy of newness as you immerse yourself in the joy of the season, with your family and friends. Cheers!