alok kumar
NEW DELHI, 27 JUNE: The  Congress’ recent move to appease Nitish Kumar and mollify the DMK  in order to get the food security Bill passed in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament may not be of much use as the  Samajwadi Party appears determined to derail the legislation.
 The stiff opposition of the SP to the Bill and the  pre-condition  it has set for its passage, has not only belied hopes for a special session but it also seems to be doubtful if  it will at all be passed. The Ordinance route is not acceptable to the SP either.
 It is reliably learnt that the SP has not only voiced its annoyance to the government for planning to implement the provisions of the Bill through an Ordinance but had also conveyed its opposition to convening a special session of  Parliament for passing the Bill. A top SP leader told The Statesman that his party now has put a precondition before the government ~ to pass the food security Bill along with the Waqf Bill (Wakf amemndemnt Bill, 2010), passed by Lok Sabha in 2010 but awaiting the Rajya Sabha nod since then. He said, “If the government does not show its same serious intent to pass the Waqf Bill in the monsoon session as it is showing for the food Bill, the SP will be forced to repeat the course of action it had resorted to in order to block the quota in promotion Bill during the Budget session.”  
A meeting of the Cabinet  earlier this month could not arrive at a decision on bringing an Ordinance. The Opposition has been insisting on getting the  Bill passed in a special session of Parliament after due deliberation.