On Board Prime Minister’s Special Aircraft, 1 October: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today ruled out his resignation in the wake of Mr Rahul Gandhi’s carping attack on his government on the issue of the ordinance to protect convicted lawmakers. “There is no question of resigning,” he told reporters asserting that he does not get “upset easily”.
The Prime Minister ruling out resignation comes in the wake of demands and taunts from Opposition parties that the attack by Mr Gandhi on the government that the ordinance was “complete nonsense” and should be “torn up and thrown away” amounted to an insult of him and undermining his authority, especially when he was on a foreign visit.
Mr Singh said he would try to find out the reason why Mr  Gandhi made a public statement and “why it had to be that way”. “I am not the master of what people say. It has happened and as I said when I go back I will try to find the reason why it happened that way and how do we handle it,” he said.
He said the Ordinance was discussed at the highest levels, including twice by the Cabinet as also the Congress Core group. Mr Singh was asked whether one individual, no matter how senior  in the party, should have the space to undermine the Cabinet decisions and whether his authority has been undermined. “No, I don’t feel that way. I honestly feel that if there is an important point of view, any member of the Congress party, any member of my Cabinet is free to raise issues,” he said.                      PTI