statesman news service
KOLKATA, 22 JUNE: A man (sns photo) had a narrow escape today after he was shot at in the busy subway of Howrah Station by his friend. The incident, supposedly fuelled by business rivalry, took place around 8.30 in the morning, sending shock waves among commuters rushing to their workplaces.
Sheikh Aslam (22), a resident  of Hooghly’s Khanakul, intended to kill Sheikh Moinuddin (42), a native of Egra in East Midnapore, but missed his target due to heavy rush in the subway.
Police sources said the duo worked in Burrabazar and were were known to each other.
"Moinuddin told Aslam a few days back that he had a huge stock of gold items and was ready to sell them below the market price. Aslam informed his employer, who agreed to buy them," said a police officer involved in the investigation.
"Moinuddin was paid Rs 7 lakh for the gold items, but soon Aslam and his employer found out that they were duped as the items were fake," the officer added.
Aslam asked for a refund, but  Moinuddin refused and told him to do whatever he could. This angered Aslam, who decided to eliminate Moinuddin.