Press Trust of India
KOLKATA, 7 JULY: Slamming the Centre and its agencies for failing to avert bomb blasts in the states, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today wondered whether there is a ‘gameplan’ to disturb them and the regional parties ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.
“What our Central government is doing? What about central agencies who usually interfere in state business but do not take care of safety and security of our people and country?” Miss Banerjee questioned in a Facebook post.
“Is it a game plan, before Lok Sabha election to disturb states, regional parties and also to plan to murder some political leaders, so that nobody can raise the voice of people in future? … Or is it a blame game to avoid responsibility and to finish regional political parties who are not dependent on UPA?” she said.
Nine blasts rocked the temple town of Bodh Gaya in Bihar today and left two monks injured.
Miss Banerjee said in the situation she felt ashamed as a citizen.
“I am shocked to know about the sad incident of bomb blasts at Bodh Gaya today. I do not know why recently a series of such incidents are taking place in a regular cycle ~ first at Chhatisgarh where many innocent lives were lost, then at Jharkhand where innocent lives of SP and officials were lost,” she said.
She wondered which state would be the next target of the extremists.
“Today it has happened in Bihar. Which one is the target for tomorrow ~ West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh or Odisha?” Miss Banerjee asked.