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KHATRA, 22 JUNE: In the wake of yesterday&’s massive rally in the city over rise in rape cases, Mamata Banerjee today lashed out at activists who had deserted her and had played a key role in giving the call for the rally.
“Some are talking big…saying that parivartan (change) has taken place because of them. They are claiming that I became the chief minister only because of them,” she said addressing a panchayat election meeting in Bankura district. “I had to fight for 34 years. None should forget this. Parivartan took place bec-ause of Ma, Mati, Manush,” she said. Referring to her 26-day fast over the Singur land issue, she asked how many of the activists who are now up in arms were present then.
She also appealed for help in raising awareness against cases of rape.