statesman news service
KOLKATA, 15 JUNE: A headmaster of a primary school in east Kolkata was arrested on charges of allegedly molesting three minor girl students. 
Police said the accused headmaster is one of the two teachers of the small school located in the area. He was the only teacher present in the school as his colleague was on leave on the day of the alleged molestation incident.
On 13 July, he asked three students ~ a six-year-old girl, an eight-year-old and  a 10-year-old ~ to come to his office after school hours. The remaining few students left the school premises as soon as classes ended.
The headmaster allegedly detained the three minors in his office and molested them.
A police officer said the girls told their parents they were allowed to come out of the headmaster’s office only after ensuring that no other students were waiting outside the school premises for them.
After returning home the traumatised students refused to say anything to their parents apprehending punishment at school. Yesterday, one of the victims narrated the entire incident to her mother, who contacted the mothers of the other two victims. Finally, all the three girls revealed what had taken place in the school.
Parents of all the three students lodged a complaint with the local police this morning, following which police rushed to the school and arrested the headmaster.