tarun goswami
KOLKATA, 20 JUNE: The fact that railway authorities are yet to give clearance for an overbridge that will connect the AJC Bose Road flyover with the Parama Island flyover is perhaps less of a blip.
For, in what is yet another instance of myopic planning, the city police has been kept in the dark about the project that seeks to ease a major point of traffic congestion.
Railway authorities have proposed to demolish the old bridge number 4 off Park Circus, to which the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) has agreed.
A team comprising engineers of railways and KMDA had inspected the site some time ago. KMDA has submitted the design of the bridge, which the railway engineers are examining. However, the Parama Island flyover will not have arms towards Mullickbazar, Suhrawardy Avenue and Syed Amir Ali Avenue.
The proposed flyover will drop on to the seven-point crossing to climb up again at AJC Bose Road flyover.
The purpose of the flyover is to ease traffic congestion, particularly during the morning and evening peak hours.
Vidyasagar Setu-bound traffic will catch the Parama island flyover to reach the destination fast. But the whole purpose of constructing the flyover will be frustrated if the arms connecting three major areas of traffic congestion off Park Circus are not built.
"Just as an arm connecting AJC Bose Road-Shakespeare Sarani intersection had to be constructed accepting cost overrun, a similar thing will happen at the proposed flyover," remarked senior police officers. They said that traffic jams in vast areas off Park Circus in morning and evening peak hours have become a regular feature. As many cars from Salt Lake go via Mullickbazar to Park Street, there is traffic jam almost every day.
Senior police officers felt that they should have been consulted while making the design of the new flyover.
When contacted, KMDA officials of traffic and transportation wing said "construction of a flyover is purely a matter of civil engineering”; so, they never thought of consulting police at the design stage.
Police will be informed when traffic diversion along bridge number 4 would be effected. Senior police officers said "this view is wrong”.
In every state before making the design of any flyover, the traffic wing is consulted, as the officers actually doing the job on the road are best equipped to give feedback.