New Delhi, 8 July
The CBI today moved the Supreme Court for seeking modifications of its order barring it from sharing the Coalgate probe report with any government agency or officers and lifting of restrictions imposed on it from changing the 33-member investigation team, saying the Coalgate probe was expanding and 13 regular cases and three preliminary inquiries (PEs) have so far been registered..
In two separate applications, the agency cited various reasons including statutory ones for seeking modification of the 8 May order of the apex court that it be allowed to share probe information with the “appropriate government/authority”.
The CBI said that statutorily it is required to share probe information with the CVC and various government bodies, including its prosecutors for purposes such as getting sanction, necessary government notifications and for strengthening the case with the help of experts so that the matter can stand the “litmus test” of trial. “The scope of inquiries/investigation is expanding. However, to comply with the mandate of the statutory provisions, it may be necessary for the CBI to share information with (a) appropriate government for purpose of notification/consent under the Act (b) the appropriate authority for the purpose of the approval under the Act,” the CBI said. The CBI contended that during investigations, consultations with law officers were required.