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Joka, 14 November
At a time when chief minister Mamata Banerjee is opposing FDI in retail, British Prime Minister David Cameron, who was on a tour of Kolkata for a few hours today, said that for the sake of development of the country, there was a need to open up the markets to global business.  
While interacting with students of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM)- Kolkata at Joka, Mr Cameron said: “I believe in open market economy as it has the ability to tackle financial problems. There is a need for proper sensible regulation of financial services for every country,” he added. Mr Cameron had a 25-minute meeting with the chief minister and the finance minister at the British Deputy High Commission this evening, which he described as fruitful saying that there is scope for investment in West Bengal.  
During his interaction with IIM students, Mr Cameron said India ought to be a permanent member of the United Nation’s Security Council (UNSC).  
“We need to modernise the UNSC; the UNSC ought to include India as a permanent member, there is no doubt about that,” Mr Cameron said during the 40-minute interaction with the students.
“The UN is not perfect but it is good to have such bodies in the world. We must back the UN. There should be a political will while selecting the members of the Security Council,” he added.  He criticised the terror attacks in Mumbai and Syria and said secrets  should not be revealed. 
“It is damaging for a country, when you reveal your secrets you are open to criminals,” he maintained. 
He said UK should be a member of the Commonwealth Association and in a globalised competitive world, there is a need to make the most of it.  On coalition politics, he said: “The experiment of a coalition government in Great Britain after a hung Parliament was formed in 2010 is a great success and India shares a legacy with Great Britain on formation of coalition governments.”
“There should be political will and the aim of a political leader in a coalition is to serve the nation and so it’s better to have coalition governments,’’ he said.