Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Sunday said that Congress Deputy Leader in Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh would never succeed in his nefarious designs to create a wedge between the "holy alliance" of SAD-BJP.

On the sidelines of the last leg of his three-day Sangat Darshan programme in the Jandiala Guru assembly segement near here, the Chief Minster said that Capt Amarinder Singh was hell bent upon to destabilise SAD-BJP alliance for the sake of his own vested interest.

He said that "Capt Amarinder Singh knows well as long as SAD-BJP alliance was intact, he won’t be able to realise his dream to become the Chief Minister".

Badal said that former CM was all out to tarnish the image of SAD-BJP alliance government to project himself the future Chief Minister by making illogical and out of context statements which neither have an iota of truth nor any impact on the public.

He reminded Capt Amarinder Singh of age old legacy of Congress party to "divide and rule" and the Amarinder was too acting on the same agenda.

Badal asked Amarinder to realise his actual position in the state politics as he has been negated twice during the state assembly polls.

Training guns on Amarinder for making statement that the state was passing through severe agrarian crisis, the Chief Minister said that instead of accusing us, Captain should introspect, what he did to improve the lot of poor farmers during his tenure.

Badal asked Singh to verify his record that it was during his tenure the poor farmers were deprived of free power in the farm sector whereas our government was still providing it to the peasantry at the cost of huge subsidy to tune of Rs.5,500 crore, which was duly reimbursed by the state government.

He pointed out it was on the record that our government had been giving 8-hour uninterrupted power supply to the farmers from day one since we assumed office, whereas it was a distant dream during the tenure of Captain.

The Chief Minister lamented that Punjab had always on the agenda of least priority on the Congress leadership in Centre.

He dared Amarinder to explain what he secured in terms of any special package or major development project from the UPA government during his tenure.

"On the contrary, our government (NDA) has got so many prestigious projects like AIIMS, IIM, National Horticulture Institute and Heritage status to holy city Amritsar within a short span of just 16 months," he said.