All tourists from Maharashtra in Nepal are reported to be safe and unhurt in the earthquake which shook the Himalayan country on Saturday, officials said here.

Though exact figures of tourists from the state stranded in Nepal are not available, various estimates indicated around 50-60 people.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has directed state officials to keep in touch with them and assured all possible help.

Fadnavis has also asked a team of the State Disaster Management to be ready for launching rescue operations at any location in Nepal and India, if required.

"I have instructed state officials to be in touch with tourists from Maharashtra in Nepal and to give all the support and help to them," Fadnavis tweeted.

"I have instructed the State Disaster Management team to be prepared for rescue operations at any location in Nepal and India, if required," his next tweet said.

Mild tremors of the Nepal earthquake were felt in parts of Maharashtra including the suburbs of Mumbai, Nagpur and surroundings this afternoon.

Fadnavis added he was seeking regular status updates and closely monitoring the situation. He urged people to take precautions and refrain from panic.

"News about Nepal and some parts of India being hit by earthquake is saddening. Praying for strength to stand strong in such sudden calamities," Fadnavis said in his message to the affected people in India and Nepal.

The state government set up a cell at Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi to help people from the state.

It will coordinate with the home ministry and ministry of external affairs to track people from the state who may be needing help.