Threatening to intensify the stir over the issue of reported shifting of proposed AIIMS to Kashmir region, the Coordination Committee on Saturday said that it would launch a chain hunger strike if the demand of setting up of the institute in Jammu was not accepted.

Accusing PDP-BJP coalition of indulging in ‘widespread discrimination’ against Jammu region, the AIIMS Coordination Committee Chairman Abhinav Sharma said, "People have realised that foundation of this government is based on discrimination against Jammu for which the alliance agenda is a testimony." 

He said that the AIIMS coordination committee which is an amalgam of more than 70 social, political, religious and business originations held a meeting and unanimously decided to intensify the agitation against the "discrimination with the people of Jammu province ever since India got Independence".

"It was voiced by one and all that we shall go to any extent for the honour and dignity of people of Jammu which may include chain hunger strike next week, protests in front of Ministers and MLAs’ houses as well as gherao," Sharma said.

"If necessary Jammu region will go for an indefinite shutdown as has been done before so that genuine and logical demands of the people meet justice" he added.