Yuvraj Chavan, a young entrepreneur from India, is already making a positive impact sharing his expertise in Sales Funnels & Social Media Marketing.

Yuvraj shared his funnel strategy to get more leads and sales for coaches and consultants who are offering high ticket products.

Funnel layout: 

Sales page > Application >Confirmation> Call > Order Form >Confirmation > Members Area

  • Sales Page: This is the first page your dream client will see. All you need is hook, story & offer. Hook is the reason to read the entire page to the end or watch the full video. It’s based on curiosity. If you don’t have a catchy hook, you will lose lots of people who you can serve. You can display the testimonials too which really helps in buying decision.
  • Application Page: This is to identify the people who are a good fit for your program. People will have to fill and submit a form. You can ask questions in the form like business type, revenue level etc. so you know exactly who to call and close.
  • Confirmation Page: This is a confirmation for submitting the form.
  • The Call: 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. Closing on-call is one of the best ways to sell high ticket products or services. Once you get contact info from the application page, you or your team member can get on a call with the prospect and close.
  • Order Form: Once the client accepts the offer, send the link to the order form to complete the payment. The next page will be a simple receipt of the purchase.
  • Members Area: This page will contain your training coaching materials. Videos, Pdf’s, worksheets etc. It’s the best way for clients to navigate through all the content material.

This is an effective funnel to get more leads and sales for your high ticket coaching.

“Sales funnels work absolutely magic for any businesses today. Especially for coaches & consultants. It’s the best way to automate lead gen & sales and it gives the time & freedom to focus on more important parts of your business. It allows you to get more clients on autopilot so you can spend more time with your loved ones, make more money, change more lives & leave a positive impact in this amazing world.” – Yuvraj Chavan