Yashvardhan Sharma is one of the youngest entrepreneurs, YouTuber and Digital Marketing expert who started on his own and has proved himself. Amidst his studies, he created a name for himself by the time he reached 18. He became the founder of Viral Dunia, which is now entertaining many through his blog which is based viral news.

His one famous line, “If we can’t entertain, we can’t maintain” is one of the famous ones his followers. It’s a simple line but there lies a deep meaning behind the same. Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”, which means we all are performers and if we don’t know how exactly to express and entertain others, how can we maintain our relations with them? This is the concept behind the origination of Viral Dunia which is about people, laughter, entertainment, and amusement.

Yashvardhan, who belongs to a small town of Madhya Pradesh named Shivpuri, is an influencer whose name can be considered a word for change.

“I am a strong believer of opportunity giving and for sure where I stand is also through the same. I have been trying to shape my dreams for long. I noticed many stood against me but I knew, if I want to create best, I need to stop listening opinions of others and look after what my heart wants me to become. I wanted to see how far my desires can take me and there I found myself with views which were increasing daily,” he said.