Vihang Sarnaik wants to contribute to society and has a clear vision towards his goal. He is among the youngest leaders and philanthropists who are trying to make a difference.

Following his father’s philosophies and ideologies, 30-year-old Vihang is an architect by profession who has come up with some great ideas. He has started Sarovaram (aiming to save the lakes in city) and plastic-free Maharashtra (with the help of the masses. He has also become the voice of the unheard and is making infrastructural changes like land allocation for crematorium, Ghodbunder Road Skywalk, creation of theme parks for preserving the city’s heritage (covering all historically important places), libraries (in Vartak Nagar for all those students who want to excel and give their dreams a flight), creation of schools for all those mid-income segment students (taking a start from 2020, with further projects of setting up 3 more schools providing all the facilities without aiming for profit), modern sports stadium (supporting sports and aspiring lovers of same to come forward), a cricket club (with a plan to establish Thane as a major cricket club), etc. Sarnaik has also played a key role in providing help to all those aspiring sportspeople among which a few are representing the country at National and International levels.

Vihang Sarnaik is considered to be the voice of the youth who listens and considers their needs. He is thankful to his father who allowed him to carry forward his legacy and be a part of such a great change.

He travels a lot. He says, “Those who travel have a keen eye towards every bit of what they see. This is what is cherished and this is what makes me what I am. I move ahead, I take a step, I walk slow and see the flow. I feel all that is out there so that after I return, I just don’t have memories, I have ideas. Ideas to create, change, and develop something world-class.”