The famous application Tik Tok is adding wings to aspiring actors and artists. It is a platform where the youth can try acting skills and showcase the same at the global level.

Teena Chhetri is one tik toker who is famous not only on the application but also on YouTube and Google as well. Only 26 years of age, she has received huge recognition and unconditional love from her fans online. For a girl, it is not a bed of roses when it comes to getting views on an application and gathering fans, but Teena Chehtri has managed to fulfil her dreams.

Teena Chhetri told about her struggles and how she managed to maintain her fan base. She gave the complete insight into how she had started with just one video on Tik Tok. She said, “I only tried one video for fun as this application was getting quite famous. To my surprise, there were many people who appreciated my video and applauded my acting skills. This enlightened me to pursue this path of acting. Initially, there were also trolls that I had to face. You can’t control people in the virtual world and it is obvious that there would be some negativity on the social platform. For starters, I was quite disappointed but, then my fans motivated me with love and appreciation. I was sure to continue with the little talent that I had explored in myself. ”

Teena is an aspiring fashion designer. She is pursuing this dream of hers and desires to create her own brand someday. Teena has also worked in music videos with famous stars.

Teena is an inspiration to the youth and her ambitious nature is a role model for a lot of girls out there. Teena makes it a point to post videos every day for her fans to keep them updated as well.