The future of work is dynamically changing. While the youth is going for corporate jobs, the new generation is considering to make its career in the digital world or social media. Rohit Virwani has taken the route of today’s millennials and is pursuing his career as a social media influencer. He says, “Vibe is something which you must create because that is what attracts people to follow you.” Rohit also has a good number of followers on Instagram.

He plans to start a blog of his own where he will share grooming tips and other essentials catering to men. While speaking about his upcoming plans Rohit said, “I might be late but I feel that I am on the right track. Influencing people through digital medium and bringing a positive change in their lives is something special which I cannot sum up in words. I am really grateful to all my followers who have constantly wanted me to start my own blog. By the end of this year, I am starting my own blog which will focus on fashion, lifestyle, and most importantly fitness.”

When asked about the brands he would like to collaborate with, Rohit Virwani said that he is fond of beard and would like to have an association with Beardo – a leading brand in the grooming products for men.