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Shiv Pratap Singh and Reilly Johnson are taking content marketing to new levels

Johnson has always had a unique view towards life and he is always determined to achieve his goals.

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The internet is an ever-evolving phenomenon and viral content is a gold mine. With so many creators around the world, it’s extremely difficult to reach a massive cult following.

However, for Johnson Concepts’ Reilly Johnson, all of it came to life. Founding Johnson Concepts, he is the Editor-in-Chief of FandomWire, a news publishing outlet under the Johnson Newsroom division he founded in 2017. In a matter of a year and a bit more, a mere idea came to glory in the form of FandomWire, which has also been featured in publications like Forbes.

Johnson has always had a unique view towards life and he is always determined to achieve his goals. “Life is way too short and I can’t wait to live all my dreams. It’s still a long way to go,” says Johnson.

However, FandomWire isn’t the only brand which comes under Johnson Concepts. AthleticWire, an outlet meant for sports fans, will soon have a network of pages including NBA on AthleticWire, NFL on AthleticWire, NHL on AthleticWire, MLB on AthleticWire, AHL on AthleticWire, MLS on AthleticWire, UFC on AthleticWire, College Football on AthleticWire, College Basketball on AthleticWire, Premier League on AthleticWire, AFL on AthleticWire, UEFA on AthleticWire, Formula 1 on AthleticWire, eSports on AthleticWire, and NASCAR on AthleticWire. A brand for animal lovers is also coming soon that will be titled Inside Animals.

FandomWire currently operates many pages, including FandomWire Gaming, FandomWire Movies & TV, FandomWire Trailers, Marvel on FandomWire, DC on FandomWire, Star Wars on FandomWire, Disney on FandomWire, Wizarding World on FandomWire, Star Trek on FandomWire, and even FRIENDS on FandomWire. Including Sean Steele, Simeone Miller, Mike DeAngelo, Brian Farvour, James Troughton, Jai Howlett, Ariane Cruz, Chris Nugent, Joey DeAngelis, Steven Gurman, Collier “CJ” Jennings, Maxwell Mantik, and Weston Gehman.

Reilly currently resides with his parents, Nan and Neal Johnson, his dog Jack, and his Service Dog Dexter.

Shiv Pratap Singh, yet another budding content creator has his own experiences to share. Working as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Animated Times, a leading entertainment portal with a global audience reach, owned by Amir Syed, Singh has remarkable experience in content creation. He currently supervises a team of equally talented creators at Animated Times. “I have always wanted to believe to think out of the box. Creating regular content is not an easy task and it’s truly a collective team effort. I believe the whole team deserves equal credit for this,” says Singh.

Shiv is also a house of other talents as he was once a lead vocalist in a rap metal band, Teddy and The Snails. “Music has impacted my workflow in a really positive manner, giving flight to my imagination, inspiring me in unbelievable ways” quipped Singh.

His love for films and art in general has helped him heavily in producing quality content that has garnered millions of impression all around the globe, across multiple social media pages. “It’s extremely important to know what the audience would like to see more rather than imposing your own creativity and opinions on them,” ended Singh.


Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.