Life for Sangar Azeez Mohammed always dwelled around his camera he had on his phone. He vividly remembers how he used to click photos and videos with the phone having a camera given by his father in his teenage years. Soon his passion for camera work evolved and he got admission to IT keeping in mind to explore the video content creation at its core. So, he explored the concepts of digital media and social media which have touched his generation, also caught his attention. He experimented in social media and tried to co-relate how video content creation skills can fit into digital media.

Soon, when social media expanded its wings and dominated the lives of people not just socially and personally but also professionally and for commerce, he found a ray of hope in it to explore and remain in this field doing big. He, therefore, came out with his digital marketing venture called Creative Ideas & DIY Simple which dealt with people giving digital marketing solutions keeping video content on the top. Soon he was able to attract a good number of clients not just from his place Iraq but also all across the Middle East and even from Europe.

Sangar Azeez Mohammed was able to prove to his clients that he can add wings to their backs and allow them to fly over the sky in the lifestyle field. He was able to promote many brands and companies with effective video content and helped boost them over social media and web landscape. He has come a long way in his career and calls his venture to be still in initial days as he has to reach to the edge of the sky.