There are a lot of things that successful DJs tend to know that others may be struggling to work out. Apart from the skills of doing the job, what makes some DJs last the pace while others burn out or get disillusioned? Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze is a popular name in the Hollywood Clubs across Los Angeles, California, who is one of the successful DJs in the industry. Touted as one of the top DJs in the South East Asian community, Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze is spinning his way to success and share five tips of becoming a successful music artist and a DJ.

Be a music fanatic

Behind every great DJ is a wealth of clubbing, crate-digging, mix-swapping, and general music loving. Don’t forget to develop your taste as you develop your DJ skills. However, much you’re itching to get behind those decks, if you’ve got nothing to say when you do, you got there too early. Enjoy the music. Learn everything you can about it. You don’t become a music expert overnight, so enjoy the learning curve. It’ll all aid you when you finally do get your break.

Focus on your music collection

Individual gigs, club residencies, even whole scenes come and go, but the best DJs have music collections they spend a lifetime slowly, slowly building up. This “behind the scenes” work isn’t glamorous, but great music is the foundation of your career. When you finally surface as a polished, professional DJ with a crate full of magic, only you will know how you collected those tunes over the years – and nobody will be able to reverse engineer your path. You’ll be unique. You’ll have earned it.

Have confidence

Have a vision for where you want to be. Sure, you might not be the polished, finished article, but it’s in our nature to put our own efforts down and elevate those of others. Be aware of this and compensate for it. A bit more self-belief can be all it takes to accelerate your career. Being a bit easier on yourself will make your journey more fun. Ask for the advice and opinion of those who you respect, enjoy the ride, and trust in yourself.


Want to be a DJ? Then get out there! Nobody ever learned anything in their bedroom. So you can’t get a gig? Then help someone else. Do some flyering. Help set up the gear or a club night’s decor. Offer to collect email addresses for a local DJ when he or she plays. Offer to do a half-hour warm-up before the club opens. Be inventive – but get out there. That’s where you’ll learn

Don’t get nervous

If you don’t, you’re doing it wrong. The trick is to be professional enough to hide it. Sure, stuff can go wrong, but your job as a DJ is to hide that side of things form the audience as much as you can. They don’t care, it’s not their problem! Good DJs realize that and fix stuff unobtrusively and deftly. Of course, the experience gets you better at this, but remember that having nerves is fine. It keeps you on your toes, and that’s actually a good thing

Over the years, Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze has worked with some very well recognized musicians like Mickey Singh, Jaz Dhami, The Prophec, G Sidhu, Dr. Zues, and many more.

Raj Singh enjoys a huge fan base on his social media. Raj aka DJ Blaze has treated the audience with multiple music videos like Demands, Toone Hari Akh, and others under the banner of Blaze Entertainment and Ikonic Media Group.