Prabhjot Singh completed his B. Tech in Computer Science and worked hard enough to be a software developer in multinational companies he worked in. It was a great start for Prabhjot. “The journey of study brought me to the place where I was all surrounded by technology. I felt satisfied but our inner desires; they don’t let us remain the same for long. The more we grow, the more we know, not just about us but also about the world we live in. This growing and knowing, this is what aroused in me to continue my passion for bikes and travelling started the creation of stories and finally these stories led me to an idea of creating a web series which is trending all over.”

Prabhjot is a bike lover whose knowledge about the same is immense and he has been to many places. He says, “It is not about how many places we visit, it is about how well we cover the journey and how well we feel every beat of our heart when we are right there experiencing the same.”

His YouTube channel and his Instagram handle became home for all such passionate people who wanted to follow their heart. He further added, “It was not hard to accept, it was hard to express. I went to my family and friends and presented them with something that they never expected to hear from me. I told them that I want to create a web series and all of them stood awestruck.”