NXTLVL came into limelight in the year 2017 with the help of American-Brazilian visionary known as Jared Dasilva.

Many people opine that passion takes you to the zenith and in the same way his passion towards the technical world is considered as beneficial for various organizations.

Moreover, he believes that every person must have knowledge about accessing various mobile applications and to make it happen, he is putting in a lot of hard work for his firm.

There was a time when Jared visited Miami; he was having a thought of opening NXTLVL TECH in South Florida, Miami with his earned aptitudes and he accomplished his goal. With tenacious efforts, he has made 36 applications for the application store in less than 16 months and in the wake of accomplishing triumph at the beginning, the market of Southern Florida was the following objective.

He once had an idea of making his organization like Amazon and this inspired him to move to Silicon Valley where he went into the high-tech world just to focus on his objective.

His dedication drove him to make more than 60 applications on the application store. Likewise, the market of Silicon Valley was a mammoth accomplishment for him and NXTLVL TECH.

Apart from this, having the reputation and fame in urban domains of America, NXTLVL is ready to hit the Indian market as Jared is prepared to set up business offices in metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi.

He holds a view that India involves small and big industries and it will be an astounding open door for the affiliation. NXTLVL will help different agents from various companies without considering money as the main motive. Moreover, these urban regions hold a gigantic level of business zones and researchers affirm that the economy will rise. Also, it is foreseen that this thought will positively affect the present associations.