Amin Fardin, a successful journalist in Iran also runs a popular YouTube channel. Amin never wanted to stick to doing only one kind of work. Hence, even as a journalist, he worked as a freelancer. It helped him to collaborate with various media organisations and cover different kinds of news.

As a freelancer, Amin has worked as a Broadcast Journalist, Communications Journalist, Foreign Correspondent Journalist, Freelance Writer, Investigative Journalist, Newspaper Reporter Journalist, Photojournalist and Social Media Journalist. With so much experience in different areas, he got the confidence to start his own channel where he could share his views.

Amin Fardin has built a connection as a journalist with people. Hence, a lot of people look up to his videos and the content he creates. It hasn’t been quite long since he started his channel but the popularity has grown immensely. His goal this year is to increase the followers; with thousands in numbers.

Amin Fardin is a great Freelance Journalist and also an amazing YouTuber. He wishes to grow more in his field and his channel and build a strong presence in the online world. Every day, he works hard to achieve this dream.

He says, “I love to explore a lot when it comes to media. As a freelancer, I get to work with different sects of media and learn different kinds of working methods. With my own YouTube channel, I can present news and information in a more detailed manner to people. I am happy with the progress I have made and I do not wish to stop.”