Microfiction has emerged as an effective way of sharing stories. This change of face of storytelling has been taken forward meticulously by The Scribbled Stories. The Scribbled Stories, one of the largest online platforms for storytelling and story sharing in India, is co-founded by Mohit Kumar.

Mohit, a 20-year old content connoisseur, always wanted to share and tell his stories and has dared to go beyond the normal course. His ideas, doodles, and words that were confined to the scribbles of last pages in the notebooks saw the light on this microfiction platform and today, the numbers are enough to speak for themselves.

Initially, a content curator with The Scribbled Stories, Mohit leads the Brand Collaboration Team as well. Right from pitching the potential clients to presenting the campaign reports, he actively takes part in all the core processes. The Scribbled Stories celebrates numerous collaborations from NGOs to Bollywood movies.

Mohit is a TEDx Curator who is cementing the future of content creation and consumption as and how the reader wants it. He is a two-time TEDx speaker himself who has inspired and influenced many writers from the present generation. He takes content workshops.

At present, he is busy working on his debut book and lots of traveling and reading, the first love of every writer.

Storytelling has also become one of the core marketing functions for the big corporates. And with a strong fight for consumer’s attention, time becomes a differentiating criterion. Microfiction delivers in 25 or lesser words and keeps the theme intact.

The Scribbled Stories has also rolled out multiple content formats like Snippets, Open Letters, and Poems or Stories. People from all parts of the world send their submissions to the platform in these formats and get the thrill of being a published writer.