Khadidja Djibrine has made it big on the Internet today. Also known as Kadi and ‘@itsnotkadi’ on social media, she is an internet personality from the Republic of Chad which is located in north-central Africa. She is from a big Zaghawa family who are a Muslim ethnic group in Central Africa. She has nine siblings and seven half-siblings. Ruling Chad for more than two decades, the men have always had an upper hand over the women in the Zaghawa family.

Her family totally believes and practises the concept of arranged marriages. While she was a child, she was not allowed to go out. Her only routine was from home to school and vice-versa. To fill in the void, she watched a lot of television programmes and TV became her best friend. With a lot of shows and movies in different languages, Khadidja learned varied languages like English, Hindi, and Spanish by herself. Though after watching and understanding different cultures on TV, she realized that she wants to get married one day and experience love not in an arranged marriage setup.

Her life had a turning point when she moved to India and did her college in 2010. Later in 2013, she chose marketing management as her majors. While she was in college, she even gave a shot to modelling and wanted to join Bollywood. Due to her complexion, she was rejected by many modelling agencies. However, the 26-year old never gave up and flew to the USA to chase her dreams in 2014.

It’s been five years now and she has bagged many modelling assignments and has made a good social media presence. On October 26, 2019, she launched her own single ‘Draw The Line’. Moreover, she was also crowned as the 2nd runner up for Miss Reshma Beauty pageant on May 3, 2019, at Beverly Hills, California. Going step-by-step, Khadidja Djibrine has turned all her dreams into reality and is one of the most popular internet personalities today.