A blend of multiple talents, Ghanim-al-Khayarin is a nature lover, an exquisite photographer, an actor, and a travel enthusiast. A Qatari traveller, Ghanim has travelled to many countries of scenic significance.  With an unfeigned love for nature and photography, the luminary has showcased his prodigious ability multiple times and has made people go head over heels.

Being in the prominence for a long time, Ghanim is soon going to debut in a Bollywood movie. A traveller and a photographer as well, he has mingled his consummate and prodigal skill set and put it to the best use. He has been opting for the most scenic views in India in the southern and northeastern regions. Not limiting to showcasing his dexterity in his profession, he is really impactful in his personal life as well.

Continuing his shoot in India, Ghanim has been travelling in his own luxury cars. About the reason for not using any other mode of conveyance, he stated, “I have travelled a lot of foreign countries but all of them in my own cars. The reason being, they provide me with a sense of belonging and make me less reliable and dependent on others.” The cars possessed by Ghanim are specifically designed with his personal preferences.

Grasping attention not only due to his luxurious cars, but he has also unfurled the genre of his movie — a romantic thriller. Being the main lead, he expressed that the movie was quite relatable as he falls in love with an Indian photographer unfolding further events. With great zeal, he has expressed his proclivity towards Bollywood.