Do you remember how recently you used that mysterious pain-relieving ointment from Southeast Asia with a tiger on its label? Pretty sure it was recent. Whether it is a headache or aching muscles, or even if you’re down with something as common as a cold, this balm gives you relief in just a few minutes. That’s the power of the herbs and essential oils that trace their origins to the mystical lands of Asia.

Eastern medicine has over thousands of years cured the worst of diseases and conditions. This extremely effective form of medicine is making its presence felt in the West too. In the United States of America, former athlete, Dr Julius “Ju” Hearn is helping fellow athletes with the very same form of medicine, enabling them to heal safer and faster.

Dr Ju Hearn has been a professional basketball player in the national team of the Republic of Georgia. After a year of impressive performances, Ju suffered an injury to his right hand which caused him to retire early from the sport. While recovering, Ju began to research on ways to speed up the healing process via safe methods. As luck would have it, he came through Eastern medicine as the answer to all his problems. Ju studied Acupuncture and herbal medicine in Chicago which benefitted him and also others around him. Gradually, as his familiarity with the science deepened, he realized that the application of eastern medicine not only healed and repaired but also improved overall health.

He took a vow to help every athlete recover with 100% results. In 2017 he formed Recharge Athletics, a company that helps athletes recover safely and effectively. They provide therapies, deep tissue massages, “holistic healing” and consultation, among other services to professional athletes. Ju’s goal is to “help each and every one of my athletes to play with as little pain as possible throughout the “duration of their career.”

Currently, Ju is working on creating a mix of eastern and western medicines that would strike a fair balance.

Apart from being the in-charge of Recharge Athletics, Dr Ju Hearn is also the Founder and co-owner of 360 Active Recovery LLC. It is a centre that provides chiropractic care, nutritional guidance, consultations and personal training to everyday athletes as well as people from all walks of life.