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Bhasmang Mehta is an industrialist turned wildlife photographer whose pictures are widely admired

He graduated way back in 1997 after which he joined his family’s pharmaceutical manufacturing business.

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Why be ordinary when you are capable to stand out of the crowd? That’s what describes Bhasmang Mehta, an industrialist turned wildlife photographer who is living his dream today. He graduated way back in 1997 after which he joined his family’s pharmaceutical manufacturing business. He continued the legacy and worked hard to keep the reputation of the business intact. But the future had something special for him. After working as an industrialist for 11 years, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. Born in Ahmedabad in a family of doctors, he knew from the beginning that he was not meant to get into business. In 2011, he chose the route of becoming a wildlife photographer and it was perhaps the best decision of his life.

“I was destined to be a photographer,” says Bhasmang. He always had flair for creativity and in 2003 he decided to use his potential in photography. “My wife Zankhana and I had gone for a trip to Switzerland. She is a travel enthusiast like me and during our trip I photographed around 35 rolls of cameras. Back then, we did not have digital cameras and DSLRs. When my friends saw the pictures I captured in my camera, they were quite impressed and even my family was moved by my photography skills. Since then, I made photography as my hobby and today I am proud to make a profession out of it,” added Mehta. He believes that a photo speaks for itself and every photo has a story to tell.

After a lot of struggle and switching his career, Bhasmang Mehta, along with his wife, owns a company named ‘Wildlife Sojourns’. Considering it as his own baby he said, “I am blessed to have got great support from my wife. I feel glad that I started something of my own from scratch. My family has always supported me and I am extremely grateful to them.” In recent years, the couple has visited various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country. Moreover, Mehta on various occasions also organizes wildlife photography tours and seminars for emerging photographers.

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