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Author Joel Marion, an unconventional Instagram celebrity

Now, I want people to succeed, just as I have. The strength to do anything it takes, far outweighs any academic qualifications.

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In the era of social influencers, people, brands and organizations strive to build their digital presence. There are people who choose to focus on doing what they love most, while fame, fortune, and success follow in their wake. Joel Marion is one great example of someone who focused on achieving his dreams while his accomplishments earned him millions of fans and followers across the globe. His popularity has made him nothing short of a celebrity across social media and in the fitness industry.

Joel Marion is a renowned fitness personality, author, coach, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has always been passionate about using his extensive knowledge and skills to help millions of people lose weight, reduce fat, build muscles and train professionally. He has also been able to reach out to more people through his hugely successful blog and in-depth articles that deal with a variety of issues, including fitness, life, and health. From informative articles and witty blogs to revolutionary diet programs and intense exercise regimens, Joel has garnered a massive number of followers on Facebook, Instagram and various other digital platforms. Over a period of time, Joel Marion, who avoided the limelight, has become a widely popular Instagram celebrity and social influencer.

Joel has approximately 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, and that figure continues to grow rapidly. Joel firmly believes that health and fitness are an integral part of being successful in life. Apart from sharing fitness secrets, busting myths and sharing groundbreaking innovations to help people meet their fitness goals, Joel helps motivate his followers to excel at work, business, and family life too. From upgrading identity and mastering the art of networking, to building wealth and being successful, Joel’s Instagram handle is informative and helpful with a dash of humour.

Joel explained further, “True happiness is only possible when you succeed in all realms of life. From your health and career to your family, the secret to success is balance. That’s exactly what I want to help people achieve.”
Today, Joel Marion is regarded as a veteran of the fitness industry. Having written 5 best-selling books on fitness and related subjects, he has also appeared on television networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS. Joel has featured on approximately 2 dozen magazine covers which include Men’s Fitness, Woman’s Day, Maximum Fitness, Oxygen, Clean Eating, MuscleMag International and several others. Joel commented on the same, “I’ve always made it a point to focus on my goals. Now, I want people to succeed, just as I have. The strength to do anything it takes far outweighs any academic qualifications.”

Joel Marion has had an interesting journey. While he started out as a fitness educator, he went on to become a celebrated author, accomplished entrepreneur, and avid philanthropist. His passion to teach, groom, and mentor those around him has earned him a great deal of respect.

His knowledge, expertise and vast experience enabled him to help people live a better and healthier life. He is regarded by many as one of the most influential people in the industry while also becoming a formidable social influencer online.

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