Antoin Commane’s magazine ‘DDW’ comes out shimmering with multiple awards

The Jetset doesn’t read the same things we do; in fact, neither do influencers or celebrities. Deep in the recess of the internet’s many private corners sits an online publication and private society that is the ultimate go-to read for international tastemakers.

The IT scene in London and New York has known about this underground society for years using discretion and being known only to the right circles as its staple. The broader public though has not yet heard of it yet but its quickly accelerating international popularity ensures that there is likely only a matter of time before more do.

Known simply as ‘DDW’ for short (which stands for Don’t Die Wondering) – those that are in the inner circle of global trailblazers and trendsetters refer to it as a bible for information on what’s cool, what’s new and who’s hot. So much is its impact that the DDW name itself has become an effective shorthand for ‘cool’ in the millennial zeitgeist.

It seems fitting therefore that the website this cultural standard-bearer lives on has won multiple awards this week; the prestigious CSSDA Award and Awwward for its design and presence. These awards are the latest in a series of accolades accomplished by DDW joining the praise given to them by many leading publications.

DDW founder Antoin Commane – who was recently named Most Admired Entrepreneur of the Year by Yahoo Finance – comments, “We are honoured to receive both the prestigious CSSDA and Awwward prizes – it is further validation that the work we are doing to provide a voice and platform for those that seek to squeeze the most of life is necessary and important. We are particularly excited to be recognised for the countless hours of design that have been poured in to give our readers and members the ultimate luxury experience.”

Surely enough, DDW’s newest award is in keeping with its clientele. Recent rumours have surfaced that well-known Hollywood A-listers, captains of industry and power-brokers are active members and that their events and parties are legendary (including a DDW Oscar’s party in LA which hosted Leonardo di Caprio and Katy Perry, among others).

On what’s next for the lifestyle brand, Commane mentions that “they are getting ready for a broad-scale media expansion – growing their online presence aggressively and taking their print publication international”.