Sonya Saxena, aka Ankita Saxena, is a popular fashion blogger, influencer, and a model who belongs to Delhi. She is one beautiful creation of God who enchants people with her beauty, guise, and fashion sense. She started modeling when she was 18 and started blogging on fashion and travel. After starting her journey she tasted success and never looked back.

How did Ankita Saxena become Sonya Saxena?

Sonya’s parents named her Ankita in childhood and the same name continued to her school, senior secondary school, and college. But at home, she was always called Sonya, her nickname given by her parents as well. As she grew up and stepped into the modeling and fashion industry, she changed her original name to Sonya as it was more appealing and fashionable as compared to Ankita.

The name Sonya sounds better than Ankita and suits her personality the most. She believes “always be yourself and express yourself” and therefore she chose a name that best expressed her beauty and persona.