If you love singing and you have the voice, upgrade yourself on social media, B-town and all will come to you – Akshay Girme

To make a name in today’s time is not that tough according to young talent Akshay Girme who believes that we are having so many options today which can make you an overnight star if you have the talent and voice which can attract people.

Akshay Girme feels the internet has been lucky for our generation as it is changing many lives especially with the advent of apps and websites which are helping us to promote ourselves online where millions of people can see us.

According to Akshay Girme, apps have lightened up many talents worldwide. He feels if you have a voice that can make others happy, then you should not hesitate in putting it online on social media and YouTube.

Akshay is also planning to help singers by collaborating with famous label Artist Mine Music.

Being a part of the Marathi film industry for a long time, he knows what will work for singers.