It’s very rare for a short film to have so many sought-after names from film, television and theatre coming together, lending their unmatched expertise to create something extraordinary. Akram Hassan’s Pandit Usman is one such attempt, a beautiful light-hearted social satire set in the India heartland with a running time of around 30 mins.

Directed by Akram Hassan, a former assistant director at Aamir Khan Productions, currently, in the process of directing his first feature, Pandit Usman features three national awardees, Lyricist and Actor Swanand Kirkire, Music Director Shantanu Moitra and Sound Designer PM Satheesh.

With an ensemble cast of super talents from film, TV and theatre like Swanand Kirkire, Kumud Mishra, Ishteyak Khan, Anant Vidhaat, Heeba Shah, Danish Husain, Sucheeta Trivedi and child artist Kabir Sajid, the film also features actors like Jay Upadhayay, Arunesh Shahi, Tushar Delvi, Gayasuddin Sheik, and Siddhirupa Karmarkar in other roles. Pandit Usman promises to entertain the audience of all age group.

The film also has a song composed by acclaimed Music Composer Shantanu Moitra and lyrics and vocals by much-admired Swanand Kirkire.

Pandit Usman will be streaming from 14t July on Humara Movies.