“Whatever you are doing today do it with the confidence”. Adam Heimann, a keen follower of these lines, is today not only is a successful businessman but also a doting father and a loving husband. The next big thing he is looking forward to is producing a film in India.

Adam always had a dream of having a closer look at the Indian cinema and hence he decided to produce a film on a social topic – Life of a commoner in Metros. Hailing from a financially stable family, Adam has always relished the luxuries but lived the pain of the people starving for their needs.

In a bid to do something fruitful for them, he chose cinema to highlight their problems. Adam is in talks with some of the directorial biggies in India and will soon announce his debut Bollywood product.

When asked Adam why a non-commercial topic he said, “The motive behind making this film is not earning money but earning accolades from the audience. My film will cover all the difficulties faced by a middle-class family in living their lives. This film will not only showcase it but also will put forward what should be done for them by the government and the upper-class societies.”

When asked more about the film he said, “I am in talks with a few of my director friends in India. We are also in talks with the actors for the lead roles. I will convey it to the media once it is officially finalized.”

When asked why he chose India to make a film he said, “India has a very intellectual audience and they now want to see meaningful cinema. Films on social topics not only draw the Indian audience to the theatres but also bring a change in society.”