The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a crippling effect on businesses, social life and travelling as a whole. While the world is ordered to stay at home as much as possible, artists are tasked with working remotely, which can come as a challenge since most of their creative projects thrive on collaboration.

Some creatives are taking extra steps in order to fuel a hunger to cultivate.

Travel and portrait photographer, Dimetri Hogan, who has accompanied the likes of pop star The Weeknd on tour as well as travelled to destinations such as Rio De Janeiro, Mykonos and London to photograph different subjects, now has his eye on the bustling city of Mumbai.

India is recognized as the perfect destination for portrait, landscape and street photography due to its wide range of sceneries and vivacious elements.

Hogan first got a brief glimpse of Indian culture in New York City while doing research to open a restaurant project that never came to fruition due to COVID-19.

Now pivoting into digital marketing full time, he has the opportunity to work remotely and has been road tripping around the West Coast currently camped out in luxury ski resort town Telluride, Colorado.

Hogan shares, “Since quarantine began I have been researching all of the places that I would like to travel and discover more about. My inspiration is found in experiences and I am excited to continue telling stories through my work.”