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Yeddy homecoming on cards

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BANGALORE, 14 SEPT: The anointment of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the BJP&’s Prime Ministerial candidate has perked up former chief minister, Mr B S Yeddyurappa as his hopes of returning to his erstwhile party have brightened.
Since parting ways with the BJP last November to float the Karnataka Janata Party, it did not take long for Mr Yeddyurappa to realise that his decision to break away was a mistake, sources say. This was amply proved in the May 2013 Assembly elections when his fledgling party managed to get just six seats, notwithstanding the fact that it was instrumental in killing the BJP&’s prospects of retaining power as well.
The election results forced both the BJP and the KJP to realise that the prospects of the two parties in the Lok Sabha polls, scheduled for early next year, would come aground unless there was a patch up. In fact, the results proved to the KJP that it would not stand a chance if it went on its own.
Likewise, senior leaders in the state unit of the BJP realised that if at all the party was to make an impression in the Parliamentary polls, it was imperative for it to have Mr Yeddyurappa back in its fold. More so, as in the 2009 elections, it was under Mr Yeddyurappa that the BJP bagged 19 of the 28 Lok Sabha seats.
Mr Yeddyurappa, who has a good equation with Mr Narendra Modi, meanwhile, had made it known that he would welcome any decision by the BJP to make the Gujarat chief minister its Prime Ministerial candidate. The latter, on his part, was also careful in not making any public statement against Mr Yeddyurappa during election rallies in the state on the eve of the May polls.
Yet, it was no secret  that Mr Modi was keen to see Mr Yeddyurappa return to the BJP, something he is believed to have mentioned to a section of the former chief minister&’s friends in the party. The hitch, of course, related to the delay in announcing as to who would lead the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls.
Now that the decision has been taken, Mr Yeddyurappa has something to cheer about as it would make it easier for the BJP to prepare the grounds for his return to the party. Secondly, Mr L K Advani, who  had been opposing Mr Yeddyurappa&’s return to the party, is unlikely to have the same clout now. This would make it easier for Mr Modi and Mr Yeddyurappa to work together for realising their goal.
For,  Mr Modi  believes that if any leader can help him retain the Lok Sabha numbers in Karnataka or, for that matter, improve on them, it is none other than the former chief minister. He sees in Mr Yeddyurappa a friend, an ally and a leader who can deliver the required results for him.
Therefore, with the decks having been cleared, it will not take long for the BJP to embrace Mr Yeddyurappa, despite the opposition he faces from leaders like Mr Ananth Kumar. With the latest development going in his favour, the former chief minister has already indicated that he, rather the KJP, would announce its decision on 18 September.
He is confident of a return to his erstwhile parent party. In fact, he is desperate though he would like to come back on terms which are honourable. For that he is banking on Mr Modi who, he believes, can swing it for him.
In the event there is a delay in his return to the BJP, Mr Yeddyurappa would not think twice about supporting the party during the Lok Sabha polls while waiting for a final decision.