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Women’s empowerment by education has positive impact on future: President

IANS | Panaji |

Women's empowerment through education will have a positive impact on our future generations, President Pranab Mukherjee said on Tuesday.

He also called for a greater collaboration between universities and industries in order to make the education system more effective.

"It is important that young women particularly those belonging to marginal sections gain increased access to the portals of colleges and universities.

"Women's empowerment through education will have a positive impact on our future generation. It is rightly said that if we educate a man, we educate an individual but if we educate a women, we educate an entire family," Mukherjee said in his address at the Goa University's 29th annual convocation ceremony.

"As concepts and understanding evolve, our faculty has to be better prepared with up-dated knowledge. A strong research eco-system has to be built on the plank of institutional collaborations, research parks, and talented researchers. There also have to be close link between Indian universities and industries," he added.

Calling for value-oriented learning, Mukherjee also said that a strong connection with society would provide the edifice for value-oriented learning in them.

"This will instill in the students a sensitivity that will inspire them to search for solutions to vexed socio-economic problems in the environment in which they are living. The onus is on our institutions to produce men and women of substance and character, not merely competent professionals," he said.