In a sensational incident, a woman allegedly killed her husband by mixing sleeping pills in his alcoholic drink and later cutting his throat in Dehradun on Monday. After this, she walked to the nearest police station to confess the crime.

Thirty-year-old Salma had two years back married Gayur Ali who was three years younger to her because of which Gayur had to face the anger of his family. When the pressure from his family got better of him, he decided to chalk out a plan to get rid of Salma.

Salma told the police that Gayur started forcing her to make physical relations with other men. When she could not take the agony any more she decided to get rid of Gayur. The couple used to live at a rented room at Shridev Suman Chorkhala locality in Dehradun.

Gayur, who was working at a dental clinic, returned home after work on Sunday. Salma mixed several sleeping pills in powdered form in his drink after which he lost his consciousness. Then Salma tied his hands, legs, taped his mouth and slit his throat.

After committing the crime, Salma walked to the Vasant Vihar police station to inform the cops. The policemen were shocked with the confession and when they visited the house they found Gayur’s dead body. A knife and other items used in the murder were recovered from the site.

Salma was arrested and produced before the district court on Monday.