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Will pose ‘formidable challenge’ to BJP in 2019: Congress

IANS | New Delhi |

The Congress on Thursday said it would pose a "formidable challenge" to the BJP in the 2019 general elections.

"Just-concluded elections in many states show that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) does not have a very strong vote share, whereas the Congress, despite it losing the polls, has a good vote share in many states," senior Congress leader C.P. Joshi told the media here.

"Everything possible would be done to counter the BJP in the next general elections and since the Congress and its allies got a good vote share, it would give formidable challenge to the BJP during the next Lok Sabha elections," Joshi said.

Talking about Manipur and Goa where the Congress had emerged as the single largest party, Joshi said that the BJP forming the governments with a "manufactured majority" in these states was "unfortunate" for parliamentary democracy in the country.

"It's a matter of concern for all," he said.

When asked if Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was leading the party well, Joshi said, "He (Rahul) was being criticised unnecessarily."

"Rahul Gandhi has been a good manager. His role (in the party) is to be assessed in a proper manner," he added.