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NEW DELHI, 8 JUNE: Delhi High court has rejected the anticipatory bail plea of a man on his wife’s complaint that she was physically assaulted by her husband for not covering her face in the presence of his elder brother.
The woman also alleged her husband Virender Pal and in-laws have been demanding a car and Rs 2 lakh from her parents.
While rejecting the bail plea of Virender, Justice R V Eswar referred to the high court’s previous order which dismissed his bail plea in April this year on the ground that the allegations against him by his wife are “serious” in nature and the MLC (medico-legal case) conducted had showed assault on the woman.
“Taking into consideration, the above circumstances and the fact that this court has already rejected the bail application of the applicant and keeping in view the fact that there is no change in the circumstances, I see no reason for grant of anticipatory bail to the applicant. This application is, accordingly, rejected,” Mr Justice Easwar said.
According to the FIR, the marriage of the couple had taken place on 12 March 2011, and the father of the complainant (woman) had spent a huge amount of money in the marriage and in providing dowry articles to her husband. She has alleged that after the marriage also, her in-laws were pressurising her father to give Rs 2 lakhs and a car. When the complainant had brought up this issue with her husband, there was no support from him and on the contrary, he abused her parents and she was also assaulted by him.
Citing the instances of alleged ill-treatments, the woman said in the FIR that the abuse which she had to face from her husband when she allegedly did not cover her face in the presence of the elder brother of the applicant (husband).
She was hospitalised on account of the physical abuse, as per the FIR.
The charges made against the husband are under Sections 498A (dowry harassment) and 406 (breach of trust) of the IPC.