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Why will coup happen in Kolkata, Shah asks Mamata

IANS | New Delhi |

BJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday ridiculed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over her claim of ‘near-coup’ following deployment of the Army at two toll plazas in the state “without informing the state”.
Banerjee, also the Trinamool Congress chief, spent Thursday night at the state secretariat to protest the deployment of Army personnel at toll plazas in the state, claiming it was done without any prior information.
Both the central government and Army rubbished the allegations, with the Army later releasing documents to prove that both the state government and the police were duly informed about the exercise.
“The deployment of Army is a regular exercise and has been taking place across the country. Such exercise was also carried out in other states, but there was no problem,” said Shah.
“But in Bengal there was so much drama,” said Shah while speaking at the ‘Agenda Aaj Tak’ event here.
Referring to Banerjee’s claims of a ‘near-coup’, Shah asked as to why there would be a coup attempt in Kolkata.
“When the national capital is Delhi, why would there be coup attempt in Kolkata,” he asked with a chuckle.
Besides Banerjee, who has been at the forefront of anti-demonisation protests, Shah also ridiculed BSP chief Mayawati and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
“People across the country, particularly the common people, have supported demonisation. Only those with black money have problems,” he said.
“Perhaps Mamata has been left the most red-faced because of the demonetisation,” said Shah.
Shah has been attacking Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress over the multi-crore rupee Saradha scam as well as a sting operation in which several of the Trinamool leaders were purportedly shown taking bribes.
Talking about Mayawati, who has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of imposing a financial Emergency through demonisation, Shah said: “It seems the financial Emergency is for her. It’s not for the country.”
Shah also asserted that demonisation would get popular support to the BJP and the party would come to power in Uttar Pradesh that goes to the polls early next year.