Chandrakeshwar Prasad of Siwan, whose three of four sons were murdered allegedly by gangster- turned-politician Mohammad Shahabuddin, would tomorrow file an appeal in the Supreme Court challenging Patna High Court’s order granting bail to the former RJD MP.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan’s office said they were giving final shape to the petition in which they are challenging how bail can be given to a "history sheeter".

"We are filing the appeal tomorrow on behalf of victims’ father Chandrakeshwar Prasad alias Chandra Babu. We are on way to give final shape to the appeal and it will be filed tomorrow in which several grounds are taken.

"We will be challenging how bail has been given to a person who is a history sheeter. Facts are being verified about the number of cases etc and convictions that have taken place against him," advocate Rohit Singh from Bhushan’s office said.

Shahabuddin, who was granted bail by the Patna High Court on September 7, was released from Bhagalpur jail on September 10. He was in jail for 11 years in connection with dozens of cases against him.

Controversial RJD strongman Shahabuddin was granted bail in the 2014 murder case of Rajiv Roshan, son of Chandrakeshwar Prasad.

Roshan was a witness to the murder of his brothers Gitish and Satish, who were drenched with acid in 2004. The trial for Roshan’s murder is yet to start.

Meanwhile, facing flak over Shahabuddin’s release from jail, the Bihar government is also reportedly considering filing an appeal in the Supreme Court against the bail granted to him.

"This has been an established process followed by Nitish Kumar government in the past 11 years that if the state is not satisfied with the bail of somebody, it goes in appeal in higher court," JD(U) spokesperson Ajay Alok said, adding that "it has been done in the past and would be followed in the present case of Shahabuddin too." 

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